CORIUM, the bonded leather by Prodotti Alfa Srl

CORIUM is the natural alternative to leather

CORIUM is a recycled material that comes thanks to the long experience of Prodotti Alfa.
CORIUM allows you to save more than 20% in manufacturing and in the price.
CORIUM is a material that will enchant you, soft, durable, natural.

Bonded Leather since 1958

CORIUM is a registered Brand, witness of the High End Trend of Prodotti Alfa, Leader in the Market since 1958.

Today, as 50 years ago, the company has maintained a family style management in its headquarters in the province of Pavia. For generations the Audisio family has been pursuing the passion for the handcrafting of leather. The grandfather Agostino Audisio, owner of a tannery, gave birth to the Prodotti Alfa company from a lucky idea, starting up the production of bonded leather. Having to cope with the need to dispose of the amount of waste produced by his tannery, he came up with the idea of bonded leather, so instead of disposing of all the scraps of leather from the processing of the Audisio Tannery, he began to reuse and introduce them again in the production cycle.

The raw material is still represented today by chrome tanned bovine hide trimmings, known as wet blue, indicating the leather that takes on a blue colour immediately after the first chrome tanning and before dyeing operations.

Industries and applications for bonded leather

a wide variety of products can be created with different rigidity or elasticity characteristics and in various thicknesses, manufactured in different colours and shades.

Industries that make use of bonded leather are mainly:

  • Leather goods and reinforcement, small giftware, organisers, folders, internal reinforcement of bags, leather wallets in general, luggage.
  • Furniture industry where bonded leather is used to create chairs, for the coating of rigid structures such as tables, wardrobes, wall panelling, etc.
  • Giftware that uses bonded leather for the realisation of desk items, containers for magazines, coin trays, key rings, boxes.
  • Fashion, where the application of bonded leather is realised in the production of belts both as lining and as finished belt, bags, footwear.
  • The bookbinding field, or bookbindery.

Examples of applications

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