Disruptively sustainable and circular. Find out how choosing corium® helps mitigate climate change.


The sustainable evolution of leather for high-performance and luxury product


Made in Italy

Corium® is born in our factory near Arzignano we only collect and recycle waste from italian tanneries.



CORIUM® recycles leather fibers through innovative Demanufacturing processes, according to the principles of Sustainable Manufacturing, making what was waste a high quality raw material. Through the processes of Sustainable Manufacturing, CORIUM® manages to preserve over 55% of the initial value of the virgin product (leather).



Since Corium® is derived from virgin leather, there are no microplastics in the fiber we process. It will never pollute our oceans and the life within them.


Harmful chemicals

We have been recycling leather scraps for over 60 years; this experience has allowed us to significantly improve the industrial processes with which we create Corium®. This is how we created a process where the leather fiber does not need to dissolve with harmful chemicals. Instead, we perfect it mechanically

  • Natural 100% 100%

Corium® is made from nature for nature

  • Savings for operators 25% 25%

Characterized by a high ability to be customized with textures, colors and dimensions, it has been studied in order to guarantee the customer maximum efficiency in the production phases; if compared with virgin leather, Corium® is able to save the operator over 25% in processing yields.

  • Less waste compared to traditional leather 90% 90%
  • Reciclying of our waste 90% 90%

GRS Certified

Reduced CO2 emissions

Growing awareness
Corium® is proposed as a piece of a path aimed at spreading a greater and better awareness of the environmental and social problems that the linear economy has triggered. It was created with the aim of combining innovation and social and environmental responsibility; the intent is to unite people, ecology and economy in the creation of a responsible industrial production both at a social and environmental level, highlighting, among other things, that a renewed ethical commitment does not penalize the aesthetic result of the “product” but rather, amplifies its effect.
A megatrend we are responding to is the growth of conscious consumption. Businesses and consumers crave sustainable materials that help mitigate the effects of the climate crisis. Change for the better starts with the choices individuals make.
We believe that conscious choices shouldn’t be a luxury, but within everyone’s reach. Our mission is to offer eco-sustainable products that reduce the depletion of resources, made through processes that aim at environmental protection. Wearing and using materials that help save the environment also creates the kind of emotional well-being we all need most.

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