Cleaner process. Less water consumption. Reduced co2 emissions. More positive for the climate. Disruptively circular. The most sustainable natural fiber in the world.

Corium® is dedicated to the production of eco-sustainable products, made through processes that aim at environmental protection. Our business is based on the cardinal principles of innovation, sustainability and luxury.
Choosing Corium® means choosing products that help reduce resource depletion, while ensuring maximum quality and luxury.

Our fiber

Corium® is unique right from the start.
The raw material we use to create our fiber is a waste from the tanning industry. The shaving comes from tanneries located on Italian soil. We treat the fiber, the raw material for our process, mechanically and we color it with natural tannins, this gives life to a new product called Corium. It could potentially help solve environmental problems while producing a great alternative to virgin leather.

Corium® TEX

New Project!



Designed for products including footwear, handbags, fine fashion accessories

Corium® BASIC



Designed for packaging, luxury items in the leather goods sector and interior design

Corium® DUE



Designed for the fashion sector, digitally printed with highly pigmented ecological inks

Using Corium® means reducing more than 3000 tons of leather waste every year