Corium® BASIC

The Corium® support, a registered trademark, was born from the need to satisfy the market demand for a high-performance recycled product that combines sustainability and luxury.

The BASIC material has high elasticity, excellent tear resistance and a pasty and soft hand. Available in thicknesses from 0.3 mm to 3.0 mm in two Natural/Dark bases.
Its use as a raw material for the production of finished items has had a very strong reception due to its recycled nature and ability to adapt to multiple applications. GRS certified, this material is used for its excellent chemical-physical and sensory characteristics.

CORIUM® BASIC can be supplied RAW or COATED
The RAW version highlights the recycled nature of the material, the leather fibers are visible (raw material from which our processing starts). Both in the RAW or COATED version (with water-based polyurethanes: ecological and sustainable RCS certified) it is ideal for rigid bags that need to have a supporting structure, therefore it does not need to be coupled with other materials to guarantee the structure of the finished product ( savings on costs and processing times). Widely used for the production of belts, in the coated 3.0mm version it does not need to be coupled while in the RAW version it acts as a support to be coupled with other material: real leather in order to guarantee a clear cost saving but with very high quality standards ( soft, easy to glue and skive).
It lends itself perfectly to the creation of luxury items in the leather goods, interior design and packaging sectors.
In low thicknesses, thanks to its softness, it finds application in the creation of boxes for the packaging of luxury items (very easy to glue, it adheres perfectly to paper and cardboard).
In the interior design sector it is perfect for covering (rigid parts) tables, wardrobes and bed rails giving a sense of sustainable luxury, for the production of rigid chairs and for the creation of furnishing objects.


Two bases: NATURAL and DARK


Aailable in thicknesses from 0,3 mm to 3,0 mm


Raw or Coated


GRS Certified

When it comes to responsible luxury, Corium® is the right choice

Try it, you will never go back!